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Nagashi-soumen & BBQ party with local original wine

Do you know what soumen is? It is a very thin—less than 1.3 mm in diameter—white Japanese noodles made of wheat flour. In this event we will enjoy them in the typical Japanese nagashi-soumen style; which means flowing noodles.

The noodles are placed in a bamboo stalk cut laterally in half, which carries both the noodles and water. As the soumen passes by, the diners pluck them out with their chopsticks and dip them in tsuyu. Catching the noodles requires a fair amount of dexterity. The noodles that are not caught by the time they get to the end usually are not eaten, so diners are pressured to catch as much as they can. We will make this equipment, including the half cut bamboo stalk, by ourselves. Get ready to create a very unique experience.
※nagashi-soumen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOs7pZZlGb8

We will also enjoy a BBQ with locally grown ingredient and wine. Yamanashi Prefecture is especially famous for their wine. You should definitely try it!

3rd May
7:00 Gather at Shinjuku station
9:00 Arrive at the party place
9:30 Make equipment with the local Japanese
12:00 Have nagashi-soumen & BBQ party
16:30 Go sightseeing or go to a hot spring
18:00 Head back
(※Possible change in times)


Event Details

Date May/03/2013 - May/03/2013
Place Fuefuki city, Yamanashi Prefecture
Meeting place The track No.11 in Shinjuku station, in front of the kiosk
Meeting time 7:00 AM
Price 2,000 yen



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