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Festival(祭) History(歴史)

The Samurai Festival in 2014

Hello everyone!
Join the Samurai Festival, which was one of the most popular Another Japan’s events last year. Come feel the Samurai spirit there! The 4th battle of Kawanakajima is truthfully re-enacted in this Festival. We don’t only wear the Japanese armor but also act out a sword fight. It will definitely be an exciting and unique experience.
With approximately 900 people expected to participate in this amazing day, you will have also have amazing interactions with people from all over Japan as well as internationally!

-About the battle of kawanakajima
Yamanashi Prefecture, known as ‘Kai’ in that era, was governed by Takeda Shingen . Takeda was a talented leader and had a worthy rival, Uesugi Kenshin. Uesugi was also a poweful leader in north-central Japan. The battles of kawanakajima over the course of 12 years are especially famous between them. The 4th battle was the toughest among them.

Some pictures of this Festival (last year):

April 20
06:45 Gathering at Shinjuku station, platform #10, in front of Kiosk
07:00 Departure
08:22 Arrive at the Isawa-onsen station
09:30 Tate lesson (a series of movements for attacking and defending with a sword) / Demonstration
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Festival Starts
17:00 breakup

当日は900人が参加するような大きなお祭りになるので、Another Japanでの国際交流だけでなく、色々な地域から参加してくる人たちとの交流も楽しみの一つです。


06:45 新宿駅10番線キオスク前集合
07:00 新宿駅発
08:22 石和温泉駅着
09:30 殺陣の練習、出し物の見物
12:00 昼食
13:30 お祭りスタート
17:00 終了


Event Details

Date Apr/20/2014 - Apr/20/2014
Place Fuefuki city, Yamanashi Prefecture
Meeting place Shinjuku station, platform #10, in front of Kiosk
Meeting time 6:45 AM
Price 4,320 yen
Note -Participants are limited to 25 people on a first-come-first-served basis
- Application deadline is February 28th.
-Above price includes festival fee, armor rental fee, sandals for samurai, lunch box, commemorative gift and insurance.
-Sandals for samurai are light and thin as they made of dry straw. So we recommend that participants prepare special black pigeon toed shoes. ‘Jikatabi’ [or workers’ shoes] is the best choice this time. If you’d like, we can prepare a pair for you 1,620 yen. In this case, let us know your shoe size by messaging us or contact us page. We will bring them on the day.
-We can introduce some Japanese hotels or hostels if somebody wants to stay on the day before.

-Payment instructions:
  -Payment will guarantee your reservation for this event. Take note that we will not keep your reservation without payment.
  -Payments can be made by bank transfer online or visiting Japan Post Bank.
     Account Name: トクヒ)アナザージャパン (NPO Another Japan)
     Japan Post Bank / Branch: 10070 / Ordinary: 7869847
     (If you pay from Japanese bank, please use the branch code: 008.)
  -If you would like us to prepare ‘jikatabi’, please include the amount in your payment.
  -Group payment is no problem.
  -Payment deadline is February 28th.

-Cancel Policy:
We can accept your cancelation and refund your money in full without bank transfer fees before February 28. After that, we cannot accept it according to the policy of the local government, the event’s facilitator. But we accept the transfer of your reservation rights until one week before the event day. In this case, please let us know the new participant’s information.

-Preparation of Credit-card or Paypal transactions is considered now. This transaction fee is not decided, but will be approximately 4%. If your bank transfer fee is expensive and plan to pay by credit card, we will reserve your seat without payment once. In this case, please leave us a message here.


      ゆうちょ銀行(9900) 店番:〇〇八(008) 普通:7869847



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